Jellybeana's hosts Kid & Adult Parties or Private Classes! They can be 1-2 hours depending on the ages and the project.  Kids parties for ages 4-6 are generally done with the whole party in 1 hour.  I suggest bringing a game in case they finish before parents come. :)  You can eat the cake here too!! Projects can be from Current Crafts, Previous Projects, Custom Craft Kits or we can come with something new! Call, email or use Facebook Messenger for any questions or if you have a date you want to schedule! 

Kid Birthday Parties are for ages 4-16. 
The price is based on what project you choose, most are $10-$15 per person.  These prices are for a group of 6, which includes the birthday boy or girl.  For groups of 7-11 there is an extra $20 charge for a helper, and groups of 12 of more is a $40 charge for 2 helpers.  Below are some examples of what we have done!  (The dinosaurs below are standing wood items and are $5 per person.)

Adult/Private Parties

Like kids it depends on the project you choose! Most are $15-$45.  There is an extra charge of $20 for a helper in groups of 7 and over.  

These are examples of what can be done or have been done as a private class.  I have also had a group do Christmas in the summer! 

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