Adult  Classes

Below are the monthly classes  for age 10 and over.  Register for classes by calling, or messaging through Facebook.  I have classes at 5:30pm on Tuesday & Wednesdays, 1:00pm & 5:30pm on Thursday.   If Saturday works better for you , let me know and we can figure something out!  Sometimes I do need to change class dates due to changes in my personal schedule. :)   I offer  Free Beverages: Coffee, Tea & Bottle Water!

**Due to Covid-19 I have decreased class sizes.  I will be posting my new policies due to Covid-19, you can see it on the home page.  

Adult/Kid Class for ages 6-99

Scarecrow on Canvas $15

Sat. Sept. 19 at 10:30am

Tues. Sept. 22 at 5:30pm

Wed. Sept. 23 at 5:30pm

Thurs. Sept. 24 at 1:00pm or 5:30pm

*No Friday class, because I will be getting ready for the Open Air Market on Saturday, Sept. 26.  Sorry for any inconvenience! You can always do during Open Paint or for a private class!

Class size is 6 and approx 1 hour or less.  We will paint this together on a 9x12 canvas and I will help along the way! Register by calling, or Facebook Messenger.


Open Paint!

Tues. Sept. 29 at 3:00pm or 5:30pm

Wed. Sept. 30 at  3:00pm or 5:30pm

Thurs. Oct. 1 at 3:00 or 5:30pm

*Due to Covid-19 you will need to register for the times above and have 2  hours to finish your project or come in again to finish at a different time or if there is space available for the next time slot.

Below are the projects available:

8x10 Canvas $10

16x20 Canvas $20

Wood State $25 (WI, MN, IL)

12x12 Hanging Pallet $20

Cabinet door signs start at $25 or Paint a Cabinet door start at $15

12x12 Quilt Square $35 (there are 8 different patterns)

Prices include paint! This is your chance to paint what you want! Register by calling, or Facebook Messenger.

New Cabinet Door Projects for Open Paint!
Project #1 choose your door, 1 wood word and embellishments (paint, paper & more) for $25-$35
Project #2 choose your door, 1 phrase, choice of knob (to hang the phrase) and embellish or not for $35-$45
Extra phrases are $8-$25 each. Can have a phrase for each season or generic for the rest of the year!

Adult/Kid Class for ages 8-99

Butterfly on Canvas $20

Tues. Oct. 6 at 5:30pm

Wed. Oct. 7 at 5:30pm

Thurs. Oct. 8 at 1:00pm or 5:30pm

Fri. Oct. 9 at 1:30pm

Sat. Oct. 10 at 10:30am(full) or 1:00pm

Class size is 6 and approx 1 hour.  We will paint this together on an 11x14 canvas and I will help along the way! Register by calling, or Facebook Messenger. (I am a leasee of this design from Step By Step Painting.)

Paint a 12x12 Quilt Square $35

Tues. Oct. 13 at 5:30pm

Wed. Oct. 14 at 5:30pm

Thurs. Oct. 15 at 1:00pm or 5:30pm

There are 8 patterns to choose from! This is totally your project, but I will help along the way!! Register by calling, or Facebook Messenger.

Christmas Craft Week!

To make things for family, friends or yourself!!

Tues. Oct. 20 - Saturday Oct. 24


Tues. Nov. 10 - Saturday Nov. 14

Register for: Tues-Thurs 3:00pm or 5:30pm and Fri & Sat 10:30am or 1:00pm.  You will have 2 hours to finish your project.  And as always I will help along the way!!

This is an Adult Class Only.  I will be doing something similar for ALL Ages on a couple of Saturdays in November and one in December.

How Christmas Craft Week will work:

1. You will choose a Base for your project and add from there!  An example is the Pallet Star (shown below) for $15 and then add the paper and the total is $15.50.  I will have a list of Base & Embellishment prices for each.  Paint and glue is included in the Base price.

2.  Base prices are $15-$50 and Embellishment prices are $.50 to $25.

3. The photos below are only a sample of what is available, I have more than this!!