I had this idea before Covid-19, but it has really pushed me to do this!  As of April 25th I can now do pick-ups at the store! Every Monday I will let you know which days for that week I will have pick-ups and what the hours will be.  You can contact me by phone, jellybeanascp@gmail.com or Facebook Messenger.  As of now I am not shipping, but I will be starting that in June.

Week of May 18: Thurs May 21 & Fri May 22 from 4:00-5:00pm* (I will not be at the store for phone calls. I only have Facebook Messenger or Email this week and next)

How this works:

1. Look at Craft Kits, Current Crafts or Art Supplies and More for what you would like to pick up.  

2. Contact me with what the item is, how many, and paint colors.  You will automatically receive white and black, but can add 3 more colors.  The colors are listed below.  You can choose 3 from one category or mix it up!  If you want more than 3, they are $2 per paint color.  If you have paint at home you can let me know and I will give you a discount on the kit.

3. If you need brushes: a foam brush $.30 cents each, Inexpensive brush set $1.99, Nice brush set $6.49

4. You can also choose regular canvas: 8x10 $10, 9x12 $10, 11x14 $15, 10x20 $20 - these prices include paint.

5. I will contact you with a total and then we can talk how you want to pay.  We will set up a time for you to pick-up and I will put it outside 10 minutes before your scheduled time.  If you can't make it until after I'm closed, unfortunately I do not have a way to secure them, so hopefully they will be here when you stop.  But I cannot guarantee that.

6. I will be adding more! This is just the beginning!

Please ask me questions if you have any!! I hope I covered everything, but I know it can be confusing! Thank you!!

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Acrylic Paint Choices
12x12 Chipboard Square with Love word $20!!
Includes 3-4 paint colors or make 1 color a glitter paint!!
Hanging Funny Face $10
It's approx 11.5 in diameter
Hanging Bronto $10
It is approx 9x15
Hanging Butterfly $10
It is approx 12x8.5
Hanging Cactus $10
It is approx 11x12
Hanging Mermaid $10
It is approx 13x13
Hanging Whale $10
It is approx 15x9
Hanging Eiffel Tower $10
It is approx 9x14.5
Hanging Castle $10
It is approx 11.5x11.5
Hanging Airplane $10
It is approx 15x14