This is what I have in stock for now.  I plan on adding more, but shipments are slow due to Covid-19.  I can do pick up orders at this time and will hopefully be back open soon!!  *I will be adding to this page, sorry for the delay! We have a new puppy and trying to get work done at home is noteasy!!*

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Cityscapes or Garden Flowers Color Book $3.49 
Studio 71 Colored Pencils $6.99
Studio 71 Acrylic Paint Set $17.99
Sunny Day Canvas Kit $4.50 (includes paint pots and brush)
Studio 71 Watercolor Paint Set $17.99
Strathmore Watercolor Paper $9.99
Studio 71 Drawing & Sketching Set $17.99
Studio 71 Graphite Set $8.99
XL Sketch Book $9.99
Studio 71 Premium Brush Set $6.49
Liquitex Basics Brush Set $7.99
Kitty or Emojii Plaster Magnets $5.99
Foamies Suncatcher $3.99
Rock-A-Doodle $7.29
Ocean Suncatcher Kit $7.29
Foamies Standing Unicorn $3.99
Wood Hedgehog, Giraffe and Dino Cell Phone Holders $3.49
Unfinished Wood Word Love or Hello $5.99
White Wood Word #Chill or LOL $5.99 (these can still be painted or decorated)