This is Open Paint for kids!!  Anyone age 4 and over can come in and do a craft! Adults can do these too, you're still a kid at heart!  See what Current Crafts are available. Prices include paint and supplies.  Some crafts change with the seasons!  Click here for Craft Hours.


Art Supplies

I have acrylic paint pots, things to paint on, craft kits, art sets and a few other things.  



Classes are weekly for Adults and monthly for Kids.  Adult classes are for age 10 and over.   Kids classes  have the ages listed for each class.  I do have Adult/Kid classes too!  Class prices include supplies and instructions.  All you need to do is come have fun!

Open Paint

Open Paint is once a month.  This is your chance to do what you want or a class that you missed.  Prices start at $10 for 8x10 canvas and $20 for 16x20 canvas.  I have other projects available and try to change them up each month.  You can find more information on the Adult Class page or click here.

Something new for Open Paint! Choose your cabinet door and make it a permanent sign (like on the left) or change up for the seasons (like on the right).  You can embellish how you like and several things to choose from! They start at only$25!!


Kid Parties: the price is based on what project you choose, most are $10-$15 per person.  This is for 6 kids, which includes the birthday boy or girl.  For groups of 7-11 there is a $20 extra charge for a helper,  groups of 12 or more is a $40 extra charge for 2 helpers.  Parties can be 1 1/2-2 hours, which includes the project and party time.  You can eat your cake here too!!  Some groups finish the projects early, so I suggest bringing games to play.  Project info below!

Adult/Private Parties: the price is $20-$40 per person.  It depends on the project, see below for more info.

Party Projects (both kid & adult) can be from Current Crafts, Previous Projects, Open Paint or we can come up with something new!

These are a few examples of what can be done! Dinosaur is $5, Monster $10, Unicorn $15 and Cupcake $10! Quantities are limited for all except the monster.